Divisiveness and Dino Rossi’s campaign: “steal this election”?

October 6, 2008


The “Dino Rossi For Governor” signs with the subtitle “Don’t Let Seattle Steal This Election!” have been reported on before. But I was still disappointed to see this sign on US 101 near Sequim recently.

Someone who would condone this accusatory tone and pit one part of the state against another has no business trying to lead. Yes, I know the campaign claims they have nothing to do with the signs. But an aspiring leader worthy of the title ought to be able to persuade his followers to put a stop to this sort of garbage.

This leadership failure is just one more reason I’m supporting Gov. Gregoire for reelection.

Wil Shipley Kills 1,000,000 people: “The Mojave Experiment:” Bad Science, Bad Marketing

August 1, 2008

“The Mojave Experiment:” Bad Science, Bad Marketing: “Microsoft has managed to prove that if you have a friendly expert on a controlled machine (with Vista pre-installed) showing a carefully selected subset of Vista features to an ignorant XP user for a few minutes, the XP user will often say he finds Vista acceptable. Wow”

(Via Call Me Fishmeal..)

But even Scott Adams knows better than to pick on Vista, Wil:

Close Call: “If I mock Vista, and it has an impact on Microsoft stock value, then Bill Gates will have a few billion dollars less to spend on humanitarian projects. Therefore, the comic could end up killing a million people. Those people are all strangers, but still.”

(Via Dilbert.com Blog.)


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