The GeoMoose is Loose

The GeoMoose project yesterday announced their 1.0 release. GeoMoose is an AJAX interface for MapServer. It appears to be ideal for organizations that want to put GIS-like capabilities on the web, with end-user control of layer visibility, attributes, and view parameters.

I spent some time last night trying out the GeoMoose demos. It feels really fast. Zooming and panning are faster than on Google Maps. Image quality is pretty good. I told one of the developers that I think they waited too long to release their 1.0 version; the overall feel is very mature.

I haven’t looked into the back end, so I can’t say anything about ease of configuration or installation. GeoMoose worked for me on Firefox and on Safari 3.0, but not on Safari 2.0, so Mac OS X Tiger users will need to install the 3.0 beta (or wait for Leopard).

GeoMoose should get a look by anyone who wants to put large quantities of GIS data on the web. Any site where the end user is dynamically controlling the map layers or interacting with the data is a candidate for GeoMoose. It looks like a good peer of MapGuide Open Source but is a pure MapServer solution. The GeoMoose demo sites were substantially faster than similar sites I’ve seen for viewing property parcel data–but those slower sites were built with ESRI software.

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