On-demand buzzwords

Although I’m not a big Dashboard Widget user, Brian Haslanger’s Corporate Ipsum widget just found a place on my laptop.

Just like the classic Lorem Ipsum, this widget generates placeholder text for layout design. But it has a modern twist.

Uniquely disseminate standards compliant experiences for low-risk high-yield bandwidth. Energistically whiteboard principle-centered communities whereas installed base action items. Completely build go forward action items via web-enabled internal or “organic” sources.

Interactively synthesize error-free applications whereas multimedia based e-markets. Dynamically enhance impactful e-business without orthogonal web-readiness. Interactively engage granular potentialities vis-a-vis emerging value.

Appropriately fashion inexpensive content after distinctive expertise. Compellingly morph premier products after robust experiences. Dynamically whiteboard corporate deliverables via cost effective solutions.

Assertively envisioneer next-generation niches with viral information. Enthusiastically deploy emerging methods of empowerment before tactical growth strategies. Synergistically administrate tactical e-markets for effective users.

Continually synergize client-centric infrastructures and accurate interfaces. Distinctively evisculate market positioning solutions rather than value-added synergy.

I can’t wait to see what the search engines and spambots do with that sample.

Thanks to Randal Schwartz on the Omnigroup OS X list for the pointer. My sympathies if you recognize your own company’s mission statement in the widget’s output.