Partfoundry confirmed to be making GPS module for iPhone

From IntoMobile: “Partfoundry confirmed to be making GPS module for iPhoneWith the TomTom GPS iPhone module’s future in serious doubt, it seemed like the beautifully huge multi-touch screen in the iPhone would never see its full glory as a GPS receiver. Lo and behold, partfoundry has taken up the task of bringing a legit iPhone GPS plug-in module to market. ”

Gosh it looks ugly. Pre-order price is $89.



Lisp lives

In the 1990’s, I was the lead developer for a fairly large Lisp project, a simulation environment for animal behavior and habitat usage. I had a great time on that project, and I still miss working in Lisp (although Cocoa is almost as fun and almost as productive).

I was very happy to see this new survey of active Common Lisp implementations by Daniel Weinreb. It’s nice to see that good old Franz is still around, and I may yet get that old animal simulation code running under Mac OS X with Clozure’s OpenMCL.

SkunkTracker pre-release 0.8

SkunkTracker pre-release 0.8: “

Pre-release version of SkunkTracker, AIS software for Macintosh.

Use SkunkTracker with your external AIS receiver to track ships. See the ship’s name, size, course, speed, location, and destination.

This version provides multiple live map displays, and also creates a KML file for Google Earth. Use the Mac’s built-in Apache webserver to share your ship data over the net.

MacOS 10.4 (Tiger) or 10.5 (Leopard) required.

Please submit comments on this pre-release version to

(Via SkunkTracker Updates.)