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I’ve found 4 first-class blogs of interest to recreational and professional mariners, especially those in the vicinity of Puget Sound.

Captain Richard Rodriguez follows marine issues (including the current fiasco with the Washington State Ferry System) from Friday Harbor and Anacortes in his blog Bitter End. He is a rescue tug skipper, and certified instructor for USCG Master’s License. He’s very good at finding instructional situations from the news, and has some great videos and photos on the site–great as long as you weren’t involved in the incidents that generated them.

Navagear, written by Aaron Tinling and Tim Flanagan, follows new gadgets, gear, and toys for boats, especially cruising boats. They also do a nice job of picking up on interesting websites for boaters. It was Navagear that pointed me to the Bitter End blog mentioned above.

Patrick’s Sailing Blog does a nice job of keeping up with local Seattle happenings, particularly the local cruising spots, yacht clubs, and marina construction.

Panbo: The Marine Electronics Weblog tracks marine electronics, software, and websites. They are sponsored by several major print magazines, but seem to do a good job of independently finding interesting products anyway. A particular thanks to Panbo for turning up this $40 DVD set with all of the NOAA nav pubs and electronic charts. I just ordered my copy today.

I’ve added all four of these to


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