what software apps for the iPhone?

When Michael Mace was the marketing guy at Palm, his talk on users and the market for third-party PalmOS apps was always the a highlight of the conferences. His company has just completed a survey of iPhone users. The man knows the mobile computing territory and his report is worth reading.

Mobile Opportunity April 1, 2008 at CTIA:

About 40% of the iPhone users surveyed said strongly that they want to add new
software applications to their iPhones. … The caution for developers is that current
iPhone owners are tech-loving early adopters, the most likely people to demand new
software. Even among those users, a third showed at best lukewarm interest in adding
new application. … Unlike PCs, many iPhones
will never get a third party application added to them.

Download the report at http://rubiconconsulting.com/downloads/whitepapers/Rubicon-iPhone_User_Survey.pdf. Read Michael Mace’s blog at http://mobileopportunity.blogspot.com/.