Tides 1.0 on iPhone App Store

The first version of my iPhone/iPod Touch tide and current prediction app is now on the Apple App Store. It’s a very simple app, just an interface to David Flater’s Xtide prediction software running on a server. But it was an interesting experience to work with the iPhone specific APIs and get a finished (free) product out for distribution.

My submission timeline:

  • Late Wednesday afternoon July 30: submitted to the App Store for review.

  • Late Friday afternoon: server shows Apple testing the software.
  • Saturday evening: server shows first end user usage.
  • About midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning: received email notifying my app is now “Ready for Sale”.
  • Sunday afternoon: first two user reviews appeared in the App Store.

I had version 1.1 done and ready to post before 1.0 was available. I’ve made a couple of changes to 1.1 based on user feedback, and will probably jump straight to 1.2, to be submitted tomorrow/Monday.


3 thoughts on “Tides 1.0 on iPhone App Store

  1. TIDES gave me data in GMT+1 last week on Grand Bahama Island and in the Sea of Abaco.
    But the Bahamas are on EDT – is there some fix for that??

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