Vote stealing, or just clunky machines?

The Charleston Gazette reports some cases of votes being changed from Democratic to Republican while the voters watched! The election officials interviewed blamed the user, saying that the voters were trying to go through the ballot too quickly. One official said that it was only a few voters out of 400–so I guess that means that West Virginia voting officials think that a 1% error is acceptable.


One thought on “Vote stealing, or just clunky machines?

  1. It is my understanding that touch-screen electronic voting machines are an issue:

    Vote flipping by touch-screen electronic voting machines is a problem – that which can be caused by deliberate actions (via hardware and/or software), that which can be caused by machine calibration issues or other technical malfunction factors, and that which can be caused by user error.

    Princeton University’s report rips N.J. e-voting machines as insecure and hackable

    Even on just a financial level: How much of our tax monies have been paid to these voting machine companies for what?

    Yesterday, touch-screen electronic voting machine breakdowns happened, including in Cleveland, across Virginia, in some of Florida’s most populous counties (including Miami-Dade), in the San Francisco, California area, and elsewhere…

    Here in downtown Seattle, my son (who works for Google) told me on the phone last night, that he was told that the touch-screen electronic voting machine was broken down at his polling place, the moment he walked in to vote last night; He told me, that he told the polling place workers that:

    “I want a paper ballot anyway; I wouldn’t touch a touch-screen electronic voting machine with a ten-foot pole, and I work in I.T.”

    At my polling place last night, I was offered the option of doing a paper ballot, or using a touch-screen electronic voting machine, and I chose the paper ballot; The poll worker told me:

    “No one wants to even go near the touch-screen electronic voting machine here, and thank God we have the paper ballots, which I voted on myself; Even if I trusted those machines, if we only had that touch-screen electronic voting machine, we’d have a line about two-blocks long…”.

    – Martin A. Totusek


    e-voting booth video: ‘I’m seeing some strange things’
    Software tester takes camera into Virginia booth, comes up with ‘failed’
    November 4, 2008
    One of the oddest seemed to illustrate how a firm click on president would also activate a senate choice as well, at least some of the time. The voting machine also seems responsive at times and at other times unresponsive. He summarized his finding in the titled of his video.

    Computerworld link:

    WINvote Electronic Voting Machine Quality Assurance Tests? FAILED!
    8 1/2 minutes
    Fairfax County polling place (Virginia)

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