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Yaesu’s FTM-350R mobile APRS radio has very sparse documentation on how to communicate with the radio. It’s possible to listen to the data output in 3 different formats: Packet, waypoints, or GPS output. Here are some captures of the various output formats, using a radio with the version 1.2 firmware update applied.

All of these files were capture from a Yaesu FTM-350R with firmware version 1.2. For all captures, the comm settings between radio and computer were 4800-N-8-1, XON/XOFF handshaking.


The “packet 9600” file was capture from the Puget Sound area’s two 9600 baud APRS channels on 144.350 and 440.800. “packet 1200” was captured on the 1200 baud frequency of 144.390.


The different modes were selected using the E16 menu, option 2: “GPS OUT’, “PACKET”, or “WAYPOINT”. The “startup” file was capture with “PACKET” chosen.


Here’s a brief excerpt of the Packet format. The full sample files are attached.

K7MHL-9>T7TSRQ,WW7RA,SOMTN,WIDE2* [12/21/10 12:16:36] <UI R>:
`2\ao C>/`"46}443.325MHz Mike HL_"


K7MHL-9>T7TSRQ,WW7RA,BALDI,WIDE2* [12/21/10 12:16:38] <UI R>: `2\ao C>/`"46}443.325MHz Mike HL_"

K7PAL-9>EH4PSW,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 [12/21/10 12:16:41] <UI R>: `22SnSkk/>"5!}444.700 103.5 QA

K7PAL-9>EH4PSW,WW7RA*,WIDE2-1 [12/21/10 12:16:42] <UI R>: `22SnSkk/>"5!}444.700 103.5 QA

K7PAL-9>EH4PSW,WW7RA,SOMTN,WIDE2* [12/21/10 12:16:43] <UI R>: `22SnSkk/>"5!}444.700 103.5 QA

K7PAL-9>EH4PSW,WW7RA,BALDI,WIDE2* [12/21/10 12:16:44] <UI R>: `22SnSkk/>"5!}444.700 103.5 QA

WW7RA>ID [12/21/10 12:16:45] <UI>: WW7RA/R DISABL/B

KB0CVX>T7PPQT,SOMTN,WIDE1* [12/21/10 12:16:47] <UI>: `2M<l#W@/ APRS AD7AB-9>4WPWVQ,BALDI*,WIDE2-1 [12/21/10 12:16:49] <UI R>: '29^l"3>/]"4n}TM-D700A at conference.


Hal N3YX

PACKET (monitoring 1200 baud frequency):

packet 1200 12-21-10.pdfPACKET (monitoring 9600 baud frequency):

packet 9600 12-21-10.pdf

Startup sequence:

startup 12-21-10.pdf

GPS output:

GPS 12-21-10.pdf

Waypoint output:

waypoints 12-21-10.pdf


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