iOS/OS X Teaching Opportunity at University of Washington

Since 2009, the University of Washington’s Professional and Continuing Education division has offered a 30 week certificate program in iOS and OS X Application Development. This program is for experienced developers who want to learn to program for the Mac or iOS. To date, 8 sections have been offered, all in person in the Seattle area. I’ve been involved in the program since its inception, as an advisor and instructor.

This year, we’re offering an online version of the course. This has attracted highly qualified students from Seattle, from around Washington, and as far away as Peru and Kuwait. We are seeking a sharp, articulate iOS developer to develop and teach the third 10 week course, Advanced iOS and Mac OS Application Development. If you’re the person on your team who mentors the junior developers, knows the ins and outs of Instruments, and is the goto person for questions on architecture, networking, blocks, and performance, we would like to talk to you.

I’ve taught the introductory course 8 times. It’s hard. Students ask you tough questions. They’re very motivated, and do what you ask. You’ll end up rethinking everything you know about Cocoa as you try to explain it to a bunch of smart, curious professionals. In the process, you’ll end up a much better developer. 

Since this is an online class, there’s no need for you to be in Seattle. You’re supported by a lab assistant/grader. The first two sections are using a combination of prerecorded videos and live class time (over Adobe Connect). The live portion of the class is on Wednesday evenings, 6 pm Pacific Time (UTC +7/+8). The official announcement is below; hiring manager is Paula McArdle, I’m happy to answer questions, too, at



Advanced iOS and Mac OS Application Development


The University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education is seeking a highly skilled iOS Mac Developer to teach the advanced topics on-line in the  iOS Mac Development Certificate Program.  This is the third course which begins in December in a program that is currently running. 


Course Topics include:

  • Advanced tools for debugging, performance analysis, static analysis and crash log analysis.
  • Cocoa and Core Foundation graphics frameworks
  • External libraries, multicomponent applications, localization, build automation, source code management and custom GUI tools
  • Networking technologies such as Bonjour and low-level network APIs
  • Source control integration, customizing development tools, and complex projects
  • Submitting applications to the Mac App Store



This final ten week course in a three week certificate program which began in June is offered by the University of Washington and hosted on a Moodle site. Training in on-line instruction is provided. Instructors receive a stipend of $3000 for new on-line course development and $4000 for instruction.


To apply, please send a resume and a short cover statement describing your qualifications to …..